Thursday, October 04, 2012

Proposal for a 3D screen.

This paste from Markus Persson (aka. Notch) got me thinking on how we could create a real life 3-D screen. Now, this has probably already been figured out before, but here is my proposal:

Have n^3 little translucent cube each with a built in radio/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth receiver (preferably translucent too) and LED light. Assemble them into a cube, and ta-da, you have a 3-D screen that is n pixels on each side. I think the main challenge here would be to a) create the transparent receivers/lights and b) make them small enough so that a high resolution screen could be built without it being too big. Then, one could use Notch's standard to control the screen, up to 1000 pixels, but it could of course be easily extended further. I think it would be pretty neat, especially for plotting various 3-D functions, and just general displaying of designs, many of which are already drawn up in 3-D. This might also help designers realize their designs better. I think the possibility of this warrants further investigation.

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